Month: October 2015

  • Load of Logs!

    I was fortunate to grab some Cherry and Cypress from a friend recently! I plan on milling most of it into lumber for future projects. I’m really enjoying my new woodworking and wood gathering mission! I would love to get my hands on a band saw mill. We shall see! Thanks for visiting!

  • 7 Pounds of Goodness

    In today’s video we get a load of stuff from Amazon! It’s really exciting seeing all the new tools come in. Soon, we will get to work using all these wonderful tools. First up is the Norton Waterstone Starter Set. This set will be used to sharpen my new chisels as well as all my new plane blades. Next is… Continue reading "7 Pounds of Goodness"

  • What’s in the Box

    Today I received the awesome Wood River #4 plane. Having hand plans will be a great way to learn to true a piece of lumber. While I do plan on buying a power planer of some sort, I want to learn the ins and outs of working the word with hand tools also. Check out the video on YouTube. You… Continue reading "What’s in the Box"